Packing & Unpacking - Sago Services

packing For us, Packing is not just to put items in boxes, we wrap big futniture too (sofas, cabinetes, tables, and so on). Packing is  YOUR  and OUR PROTECTION!! We make sure ALL your possessions are packed. Those items that are not packed waste space, increasing the number of trips to and from locations, which elevates costs. We use always new and uniform boxes. The integrity of old boxes is usually compromised, leading to damaged belongings. Using the same size and strength of boxes makes easy the job for our personnel. We pack properly. Professional packing with SAGO SERVICES LTD. Complete Commercial and Residential Moving service in Calgary, it  is always recommended to look for a BBB acreditation. If packing for yourself, always remember to have everything tightly packed. We pack fragile items with packing paper and/or bubble wrap. We label all boxes denoting their contents; also, where they will go in your next home. WE OFFER:

  • Full Packing Services – Our Crew will arrive prepared with all of the required packing materials and supplies to pack everything, you don’t have to touch anything or prepare anything for this option.
  • Unpacking Services – Our crew will unpack all of your pre-packed boxes and will remove all of the packing materials at completion
  • Partial Packing Services – Our Crew will arrive prepared with packing materials and packing supplies to accommodate your partial packing needs as previously arranged with your moving consultant
  • Specialty Packing Services – Our Crew will arrive with the Specialty Packing Materials to accommodate your packing needs as previously arranged with your moving consultant.
  • Crating Services – Our Specialty Crating Services will ensure that your Fragile/Specialty items are crated and uncarted at the destination – Inquire about our crating specials today!

We can offer you special packing services on the following items:

  • Fragile china, glass and dinner ware
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Picture, Paintings and Mirrors
  • Glass Cabinets, Table Tops and Fragile bigger items